Spoil your guests with exceptional gourmet food and a fascinating dining environment in your own space! A little design inspiration of dining chairs can sometimes perk up the flavor of your food. Now explore and get inspired by our selection of decent and affordable dining room chairs available in different materials, including soft velvet, upscale faux leather and sturdy wood. Duhome dining chairs come with or without arms, so you can pick the right one depending on your specific needs. Shop at Duhome to find perfect dining room sets for either quick meals, family celebrations or gatherings, making even your guests feel right at home.

Choose Dining Chairs & Kitchen Chairs

Wanna develop your dining room aesthetic in an easier way? Opting for a set of dining or kitchen chairs will definitely do you a great favor. At Duhome.com, you can find lots of dining room chairs sets in various styles, material, types and distinctive colors. Creating a dining area with character and personality will be easy peasy when you choose the right dining chairs types, styles, and material.

Dining Chair Styles

Some of you may be obsessed with that soothing, easy-breezy farmhouse and coastal style, while others swoon over some phenomenal vintage-chic, traditional or classic dining chairs. Or when you pursue a modern feel fused with a sense of sophistication, contemporary, modern, or minimalism style dining chairs will be the one that makes your heart skip a beat. If you are someone who isn’t afraid to rock bold style at home, an industrial style is the vibe to go. And the patterns, upholstery materials and designs of dining chairs will impact the overall look and feel in your dining room. Read on for more tips on the materials and types of dining chairs at Duhome.
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Dining Chair Materials

One of the best ways to get creative and distinctive is in the materials. Metal dining chairs are built to last and easy to maintain daily, while wood chairs with earthy and natural quality hold up well over time when treated with care, ideal for outdoor use. Plastic dining chairs are lightweight and sleek, convenient to clean, although they're less comfortable than the one with velvet or faux leather upholstery and high-density padding. Velvet upholstered dining chairs help add a glam, luxurious vibe with their richness in texture and gloss. And it will be wiser to choose faux leather dining chairs when you want more upscale decency.
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Dining Chair Types

Arms or no arms? Upholstered or not? Prefer special designs? Before making the final decision, you can think about these questions first to help focus your ideas and narrow down your search. All dining chairs have their pros and cons: armchairs provide more ergonomic comfort, while it's easier to push side chairs under your dining table; dining chairs with velvet or faux leather upholstery bring a hint of grace and luxe, while the simple version without upholstery is easy to clean and maintain daily. At Duhome, you are served with a variety of dining chairs, including spindle dining chairs, slat, papasan dining chairs, cross-back, or splat back chairs and plastic molded Eames dining chairs. Just pick your preferred one to make your happy moments and delightful dinner.

Tips & Trends

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