A new day begins and ends with grace at Duhome. Whether you are on the hunt for a portable ottoman to have your feet propped up, or a vanity stool allowing you to get ready in front of a mirror, or even a graceful bedroom bench to primp your room with an elegant, sophisticated ambiance, Duhome has it all. Here you will find everything you love to express your style and unleash your ego. We have got you covered with these stylish ottomans, vanity stools and bedroom benches, crafted with top-notch materials, such as velvet, faux leather or faux fur, and meticulous attention to details.

Choose an Indoor Bench, Ottoman or Vanity Stool

Adding comfortable back-up seating can sometimes bring a finishing touch to reinvigorate your living space. Whether a trendy indoor bench, multi-functional ottoman or classic style vanity ottoman stool can round out your room and make a big difference.

Benches & Ottomans & Vanity Stools: for Bedroom, Living Room, Dressing Room

Placing a stylish accent ottoman bench at the foot of your bed will not only add an extra spot to plop down for relaxation or tie your sandals in the morning, but also bring your bedroom to life with extra elegance and vigor. You can also consider nestling an ottoman in your living room, if you want a piece of furniture doubled as a decorative footrest for a sofa, an extra seating or even the coffee table substitute, workspace and more. At prices you'll love, Duhome also offers an array of stylish vanity stools to go along with your makeup station in the dressing room and brighten your daily routine.
Hot Accent Ottomans for Bedroom, Living Room, Dressing Room:
padded bench for bedroom → faux fur bedroom bench → faux leather bedroom bench → living room accent bench → dressing room ottoman →

Different Materials of Accent Benches, Ottomans & Vanity Stools

In terms of materials, choices in upholstery fabrics of Duhome bedroom benches, ottomans and vanity stools are numerous and can include things like velvet, faux fur, faux leather and so on. You can choose the best suited solution depending on your individual needs and preferences, as well as the temperature, colors and style of your interiors.
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Duhome Colors

If you do decide that bedroom benches, ottomans and accent ottoman stools are something that you would like to pursue, you will also need to consider the color issue in addition to the upholstery materials above-mentioned. What color schemes are you trying to stick between? It's totally up to you. Decide the theme and choose the best matching one from Duhome color options - ranging from standout primary colors to grounding neutrals white, black and brown.
Duhome Ottoman of Beautiful Colors
pink tufted ottoman → pink velvet round ottoman → white fluffy vanity stool → green velvet round ottoman → blue velvet round ottoman → black leather vanity chair →

Tips & Trends

Get updated with the lastest trends and browse how-tos to refine your home style with Duhome.