Sounds like a scientific breakthrough, huh? Yeah, as an alternative to real leather and suede, microfiber does have its attraction and forte in a wide range of furniture upholstery fabrics. It's heralded as the go-to fabric for the excellent durability, scratch & stain resistance and ease of cleaning. When having microfiber on our furniture pieces at Duhome, we find one of its biggest advantages - pet friendly property. Indeed a good choice for those who have kids or pets at busy home. No more worries about the scratched furniture with claw punctures! Also, liquid stains including coffee, tea, juice or wine could bead up on top of the microfiber so that you can easily clean it up before it sets in. Last but not least, microfiber material will last in a relatively fabulous state for many years to come, which will potentially save your cost in the long term. An affordable luxury you can choose.

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