DUHOME offers an assortment of modern furniture designed to complement home lifestyles across the world. Inspired by the diversity of the most renowned cities, we combine exceptional quality with design and comfort to deliver products that help you express your unique style, one room at a time.

From New York and Los Angeles to San Jose and Miami, we look far ahead of trends to bring the best and latest in modern decor for homes everywhere.



Mrs.Thalia Du


High-quality, affordable construction

Backed by a decade of manufacturing experience, DUHOME we have the knowledge and know-how to craft products with the best possible materials at fair prices. To get there, we test and source all our fabrics and materials for durability and safety, and follow a rigorous inspection process before we ship to you. Our obsession with quality and design has led us to produce the perfect blend of quality and style for all home decor needs.

Worldly characteristics

We have an innate affection for design of all kinds and we’re not afraid to show it. Whether your style is classic American, mid-century modern or boho chic, our products promise to complement your style, while making you feel happy and relaxed at home. We’re inspired by the city you live in with products named and designed with all the characteristics of your favorite cities in mind.

Furniture for the design-conscious

Our team of designers travel the world to stay inspired and to bring the best and latest in interior design to you. With their design know-how, we get ahead of the trends to deliver exactly the style you’re looking for. Next, we create from experience and make exceptional products accessible. The result is the most exclusive styles made for homes everywhere, at prices you won't find anywhere else.


Sometimes we dream of waking up in a Manhattan apartment — urban chic and sophisticated.

Other times, we fall asleep in a modern country estate, tucked away in a private Angwin countryside — warm and welcoming.

The DUHOME signature is unmistakably relaxed, casual and exceptional. Our team of designers bring their artistic sense to every design to create a heritage at DUHOME that will continuously age through style and trend. The spirit of our community can be found in every piece along with our dedication to craftsmanship and fair prices.


Enter, DUHOME.

Born out of a passion for home design and a deep appreciation for the styles of the world, DUHOME was founded with the goal to reimagine furniture for the design-conscious with styles for everyone.

Be it for the stay-at-home mom in her suburban home in California, or the girl boss of New York City who rules the day in her loft apartment, we bring durable, unique pieces that are appreciated as the soul of your home.

DUHOME is style and comfort for every space allowing our community to feel confident in a home that is true to them.

With a history that dates back to 2013, we blend our experience and knowledge with the voice of our community, to bring stylish home decor that can truly be appreciated by all.

 From one city to the next, our collection offers a continuous thread to complement home lifestyles across the world. It’s not for nothing, we name most of our products after personality packed cities. Simply put, we match our products with all the characteristics of these cities, to inspire your home. There’s something for everyone and there’s definitely the perfect piece for you. 

 It is our hope to help you feel happy and relaxed in a space that is true to your style. From accent chairs to storage cabinets, we create a life of ease for our community starting with your home. As we continue to grow, we promise our commitment to good design, quality and fair prices will remain the same. 

DUHOME is a home brand, but above all it’s a place for everyone to express their unique style. 

Duhome story
Duhome story