What is Bauhaus Style Decor?

bauhaus style decor
If you're looking for a decor style that's both modern and classic, you might want to consider Bauhaus. The term "Bauhaus" is used loosely in reference to the 1920s-era architectural school in Germany; its name means "building house". This style of design features geometric shapes and clean lines, sometimes incorporating natural elements like wood.

What is Bauhaus Style Decor?

Bauhaus style decor is a minimalist style of interior design that originated in the 1920s. The Bauhaus was an art school in Germany that focused on industrial design and architecture, and their influence can be seen throughout modern interior design today.

The Bauhaus movement began as an attempt to merge industrial production with fine art by applying principles from both disciplines to create functional objects that are beautiful and simple in form.

History of Bauhaus Style Decor

The Bauhaus was a German art school that was founded in 1919. The school closed in 1933, but its philosophy and style were so influential that they live on today. The Bauhaus movement sought to create functional works of art that were steeped in science, technology, and industry. It rejected traditional decorative elements such as excessive ornamentation; instead focusing on simple geometric shapes with minimal detailing or adornment.

Ingredients of Bauhaus Style Decor

Bauhaus is a school of art and design that was founded in Germany in 1919 by Walter Gropius. He wanted to create an "artistic craft" based on functionality, with the goal of eliminating decorative elements from everyday objects and architecture.

The Bauhaus style uses sharp, clean lines and geometric shapes in its designs--often employing industrial materials such as metal or glass. It's often associated with minimalism because it uses only what is essential for its purpose (and nothing more). This can lead to an overall sense of calmness within your home decor--especially if you choose neutral colors like black or white!

Color Scheme and Bauhaus Style Decor

The color scheme is an important part of Bauhaus style decor. The colors and materials used in Bauhaus style decor are simple and neutral. The most common colors include white, black, gray and beige. Materials used are wood, metal or glass.

Materials Used in Bauhaus Style Decor

Bauhaus style is minimalist and clean. It's also very functional and modern, with an emphasis on geometric shapes. Materials used in Bauhaus decor include wood, metal and glass; these materials lend themselves well to the clean lines of this popular style.
yellow bauhaus chairs

Key Characteristics of Bauhaus Style Decor

Bauhaus style decor is minimalist, simple and elegant. It's characterized by clean lines with no ornamentation. The focus is on the function of objects rather than their appearance, which makes it a good choice if you want your home to be more functional than decorative.

Bauhaus designers used materials like steel and glass in their designs, because these materials are easy to manufacture and assemble into furniture pieces that are sturdy enough for everyday use. They also used wood as an alternative material for some pieces, since it's less expensive than metal or stone yet still durable enough for daily use (although not all woods can withstand moisture from humidity).

Bauhaus Style Decorating Tips

  • Use simple shapes and clean lines.
  • Use natural materials and neutral colors.
  • Use simple furniture that's in proportion to the room and doesn't clutter up the space, like a small desk or table with one chair instead of two large pieces of furniture that push each other out of the way when you need to walk through a room, like an oversized couch and armchair combo would do!
  • If you want something more substantial than just a small table and chair set though, try using wood instead of metal as an accent piece for your living room or bedroom decorating ideas; it looks great against brick walls!

Bauhaus Style Chair

Bauhaus chairs are a design classic. They're the epitome of modernism, with clean lines and minimalist forms. The Bauhaus style chair was designed by Martin Erlich in 1924, who was a student at the famous Bauhaus school founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius (who also designed this building). It's made from tubular steel; the legs are attached to each other using bolts and nuts, so they can be disassembled easily if needed.

Example of a House with Bauhaus Style Decor

A house with Bauhaus style decor is one that has a lot of natural light, open space, and simple lines. This could be your dream home! Here are some of the features:
  • Lots of windows - The more windows there are in a room, the more natural light will shine through it. This is great for creating an inviting atmosphere in your house and helps you feel like you're outdoors even when you're not.
  • White walls - A lot of white on the walls will make everything seem bright and airy, because there are no distractions from other colors or patterns on them. You'll also have an easier time keeping things clean because everything matches so well together!

The Bauhaus style is best defined as minimalist and functional. It seeks to strip away all nonessential elements, leaving only the most essential components of a design in place. The resulting look is clean, simple, and elegant--perfect for bringing an air of sophistication into your home!

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