To go out or stay in? Fantasize about owning every night in your booze-soaked dreams? With Duhome bar stools and counter stools, you're allowed to enjoy a night out - at home! Having a good home bar setup is key, and all you need to do is - browse through our collection of elegant lifestyle bar stools, get your fave and transform your home into a pub. Grab a bite to eat, soak up the atmosphere with a craft cocktail, leave yourself alone or party the night away with your besties. No need to line up for a festival night outside. With Duhome bar stools, you will never have a boring night at home again.

What's the Difference between Bar Stools & Counter Stools

Do I need counter or bar stools? You may ask this question when it comes to buying a new stool to match your home bar, kitchen island or counter. Seat height comes first when you're choosing modern kitchen seating. There is nothing more annoying than sitting on the stool at the wrong height. It will obviously lead to back pain and cause lasting damage. Ideally, there should be 10"-12" between the bar stool seat and the underside of the counter or tabletop. So we generally recommend you to choose a counter stool ranging from 24 to 27 inches high when your counter tops range from 36"-39"; and a bar stool about 28 to 33 inches tall when your bar tops is around 40"-42" high. Yep, the main difference between bar stools and counter stool lies in their height.

Choose Bar Stools by Styles

After you have measured the height and determined which one you need exactly, it's go-time to start exploring the styles of bar and counter stools. At Duhome, we provide a wide selection of bar stool styles from industrial, farmhouse to modern and vintage chic. You can choose the vintage-inspired velvet bar stools to give a gentle nod to the past, or the distressed industrial bar stools that provide a hint of a visual break and hide the heavy usage daily life may bring. Or if you are someone pursuing minimalism, come pick those one with simplified silhouette and design, keeping them from feeling bulky and overwhelming.
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Choose Bar Stools by Colors

Don't you just love how different tones of your bar stools change the ensemble of your home? Whether the understated neutral hues from subtle creme, black or white to dark gray and smoky gray, or the cheery pink and serene atrovirens to amplify the warmth or vibrancy, our bar stools are available in a wide range of color options to play nicely within any kitchen design. Pick the one that coordinates with the existing shade pallet of your room; or be bold to add a pop of standout color to change the entire dynamic, when your space is comprised mostly of neutrals.
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Choose Bar Stools by Types

If you're going to spend long periods of time sitting at your counter, a comfortable bar stool with a standard back is obviously the right way to go in terms of comfort. However, backless bar stools have their charm, too. When you prefer something sleek and stylish, the bar stool without back wins. You can easily tuck them under the counter to save space. Of course, Duhome also has an eclectic selection for you: low-back bar stools, which provide the right amount of comfort while not cluttering the space visually. Now make your own choices.
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