To heighten your interior decor, you'll need a statement accent chair. But no need to give up either design or comfort when you're purchasing modern accent chairs at Duhome. Here we offer a wide selection of chic yet cozy accents chairs, which come in various shapes, fabrics and styles. Feel free to get them home as your go-to spot, an inviting extra seating to welcome your guests or pals, or just a finishing touch or focal point to upscale your room. Duhome accent chairs upholstered in sumptuous velvet, luxurious faux leather, warm sherpa, or fuzzy faux fur - choose what impresses you most to make your day now.

How to Choose an Accent Chair?

A right accent chair will absolutely help you transform a once-drab and boring corner into another go-to inviting spot, embracing your guests or you in. But how to choose comfy accent chairs and avoid the wrong one that ruins the overall atmosphere and spoil your mood? There are a few elements you should consider when shopping the best accent chair, such as style, color, size, fabric and occasions where you place it.


At Duhome, you can shop simply by style or material without too much hassle - we have numerous style options like farmhouse, glam, industrial, modern or vintage chic to blend into the existing ensemble and spruce up your interiors, as well as a wide selection of fabric including velvet, faux fur, faux leather, faux linen, etc. Pick your faves based on your room style and home decor to ensure the accent chair you choose fits stylistically and goes well with the rest. Or, in the simplest way, you can find your exclusive accent chair depending on the design and look, such as our papasan chair, barrel chair and slipper chair as mentioned below.

Papasan Chair

Traditional papasan chair tends to be a bowl-shaped wicker or ratten chair with an added cushion, where you can curl up with a book or simply lounge with your friends. But for Duhome, we concentrate one's efforts in upgrading the fabric and design. And that wins a big success! Our Duhome papasan accent chairs, especially the modern velvet version has gained thousands of fans and gives their home a refreshing makeover. We enjoy the process when our papasan chairs do magic in your space to bring you joy and artistic aesthetics.
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Barrel Chair

Barrel chair, generally refers to the chair featuring a semicircular back with a section removed. At Duhome, you can pick the swivel barrel chair when you need to keep yourself on the toes, or choose the non-swivel barrel chair when you care more about relaxation than efficiency. Both come with supportive back to help unwind yourself after a long working day.
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Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is usually an armless chair with comfy upholstery and shorter legs, sitting closer to the ground to assist people in donning the slippers, high-heels or whatever comes to your mind. Pick the sumptuous velvet slipper chair at Duhome if you need a statement to create a sensual luxury to any seating area, or bring in a focal point placing our upscale faux leather slipper chair in your bedroom, living room or the entryway.
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