Wood End Table to Add Warmth to Your Home

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Whether you're looking for a new piece of furniture or just want to add some warmth to your home, an end table is the perfect way to do it. The thing is, not all end tables are created equal. Some are made from wood that's more durable than others, while others have more storage space inside them. That's why we've put together this guide on wood types and what they mean for your home.

Types of Wood
There are many different types of wood, and each has its own unique properties. For example, some woods are more durable than others. Some woods are more prone to damage and scratches. Some are more expensive than others, so it's important to think about what you're looking for in a table before you buy one.

Wood is a natural material, which means that every piece will be slightly different from the next one—and that can make it hard to find exactly what you're looking for in terms of appearance or durability.

Wood Types
When deciding which type of wood to use for your table, the first question you should ask yourself is whether the table will be used inside or outside. There are two main types of hardwoods: oak and rubber wood. Softwoods are made from pine trees or spruce trees and tend to be less expensive than hardwoods including rubber wood.

If you plan on using your end table outdoors, then it's best to choose a softwood such as cedar or pine -
because it will resist weathering better than oak or rubber wood tables would. However, if you plan on using your furniture indoors only, then go ahead with one made from a hardwood like rubber wood. Since those types tend last longer due to their durability over time compared with softer woods like cedar which can get damaged easily (like when exposed directly sunlight).

Pine End Tables
Pine is a softwood, which means it's more pliable than other hardwoods. This makes pine a great choice for furniture, because it's easy to work with and looks great when finished. Pine can be stained in many colors, making a range of options available for those who prefer an earthy look that pairs well with the neutral tones of dark brown or black leather sofas. Pine also has many different grains, so if you want something unique and beautiful, pine could be the perfect choice for you.

Oak End Tables
Oak is a hardwood that's popular for building furniture, and it's definitely warm and rich. Oak is a good choice for your end table if you want something that's durable and strong but also looks traditional. The best part about an oak piece of furniture is how easy it is to work with—you can stain or paint your end table any color you like!

Rubber Wood End Tables
Rubber wood is a hardwood, but it's not as heavy as other hardwoods like oak. This means that rubber wood tables can be easily moved around and carried by one person. It also makes them convenient to store in your home when they're not being used, since they won't weigh down the floor or make you struggle to carry them around when you need to move them.
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You might think of rubber wood as being light in color. The lightest-colored varieties are generally used for furniture, while darker ones are better suited for floors or even musical instruments (like violins). Rubber wood is easy to work with, because it's strong enough so you don't have worry about splitting your table into pieces if you accidentally drop something heavy on top of it; plus it's smooth enough so sanding doesn't take forever.

Cherry End Tables
Cherry is a light reddish-brown wood that's used for furniture, flooring and cabinetry. It's also a hardwood, which means it's durable and won't scratch easily. Cherry end tables can add warmth to any room in your home and make great accent pieces.

These tables are usually made from solid cherry wood, with the tops being either flat or curved (sometimes referred to as "ogee"). The legs are often turned or shaped into an ornamental shape such as those seen on Arts & Crafts furniture styles from the early 20th century.

Birch End Tables
Birch end tables are a good choice if you want a light-colored table. Birch is a soft wood, which means it's not as durable as harder types of wood like oak or maple but will still hold up well with regular use.

The Type of Wood You Choose Will Determine How Your Table Looks
If you're not careful, you can end up with a wood table that is either too dark or too light, but there are ways to avoid this.

The type of wood you choose will determine how your table looks. The colour and style of the wood will affect the price and durability of your table, so it's important to make an informed decision when choosing one for yourself.

We hope that this guide has helped you identify the type of wood that is right for your next table. If you're still not sure, we encourage you to visit our store and talk with one of our experts.

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