Trends for new decade: How to design velvet furniture in your space.

Trends for new decade: How to design velvet furniture in your space. - Duhome Furniture

Since 2018, the velvet trend has been going popular. If you are following some interior designers’ blog, you will find out they bring velvet into their space more or less. 

Velvet fabric furniture can seem extremely luxurious, and it can make a room look modern and romantic. So you really can’t go wrong with velvet.

Already saved thousands of velvet furniture pictures but not sure where to start? Take a look below for inspiration.

The Look: Mod-Inspired Home Bar.

Soft, gold trim, compact padded stool. Great for the living room or bedroom. Add a elegant accent with round velvet stools and velvet chairs.



The perfect bar is one that's great for entertaining, enjoying a family meal or just kicking back with friends, and having the right stools is crucial.


The Look: Cozy and Rustic Living Room



Modern design accent chair, skin-friendly upholstered Velvet fabric design, elegantly curved silhouette provides maximum comfort, is perfect for decor your living room and guest room.


The Look: Elegant and Classic Dining Room.


The classic styling fits well with traditional decor schemes, while the minimalist look blends seamlessly with contemporary decorative furnishings. Featuring stylish appearance and functional use, our dining chairs can be perfectly used in your dining room or café bistro.


The Look: Sleek and Warm Workspace.


The design combines mid-century modern style with a glam finish, making this vanity set an eclectic yet elegant accent. Get the must-have chair for your home office.


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