BE A PRO — what style of bar stool is most comfortable

Are Rattan Bar Stools Comfortable?

Do rattan bar stools have any other benefits? In this article, we'll be reviewing the comfort of rattan stools and looking at some tips on how you can make these chairs more comfortable even if they aren't already.
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How Do Gas Lift Bar Stools Work?

Gas lift bar stools are becoming more and more popular. You may be wondering just how exactly does this gas-powered stool work? In this article, we will answer all the questions you may have about gas lift bar stools and their benefits.
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What Are Gas Lift Bar Stools?

Gas lift bar stools are also known as hydraulic lift bar stools, because they use hydraulic gas to raise and lower the seat of the stool. This makes them simple to adjust for different heights or for people with disabilities.
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