How to Stop Office Desk Chair from Rolling? 7 Easy Tips!

tips for preventing your desk chair from rolling
Have you ever experienced this madness? - You're working at your desk, minding your own business and trying to be productive, when suddenly... Your office chair decides to take a little joyride! It rolls to one side or backward, disrupting your concentration and making you want to throw your keyboard across the room.

It's like your chair is possessed by the devil himself. So how to keep an office chair from rolling around? No worries, there are ways to tame this unruly piece of furniture. In this article, we'll show you seven methods for stopping your chair from rolling, and also provide some possible reasons for why it's happening in the first place. So grab a seat (preferably one that doesn't move) and let's get started!

Why are Office Chairs Rolling?
To prevent your office chair from rolling, you need to understand what's going on in your chair's "little brain". Most often, the reason a chair rolls is because it's feeling a little unbalanced and wants to go for a spin. If you notice your chair starting to move, check out its casters to see if they're still attached. If they're not, quickly attach them to the frame before your chair makes a run for it.

Other potential causes of chair rolling include a noticeable or slight incline in the floor, a smooth or slippery surface (such as hardwood, linoleum, or tile), or large wheels or mismatched casters. In other words, a variety of factors can lead to an office chair rolling when it shouldn't. To prevent this from happening, it's important to regularly maintain and check the wheels and casters on your chair, as well as to ensure that the floor is level and free of any potential hazards.
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How to Prevent Your Office Chair from Rolling? 7 Easy Ways!
1. Try Hands-Free Brake Casters
To keep your office chair from rolling, you can use hands-free brake casters. These innovative chair casters are designed to lock in place when you stand up, preventing the chair legs from rolling away. To use them, simply step on the lever at the base of the casters to engage the brake, and then lift your foot to release it.

If you want to give these rolling office chair with brakes a try, check with your chair's manufacturer or a reputable furniture dealer to see if they are available for your chair model. With regular use, brake casters can help keep your chair in place and eliminate the need to constantly chase after it like a game of cat and mouse.

2. Place a Rug or Mat Under the Chair
One of the easiest ways to stop your office chair from rolling is to set your chair on an area rug or mat. Not only will this create friction between the chair and the surface below it, but it will also add a touch of style to your space. Just be sure to choose a rug or mat that is thicker and more durable than traditional mats, better supporting the weight of your chair.

3. Use Five Caster Stoppers
Caster stoppers are small discs that slide over the casters and prevent them from going on a roll! Simply plop them over the casters and let them do their magic. If your chair has five casters, you'll need to use five stoppers. Caster stoppers are a cheap and easy way to keep your chair from boogying across the room. Plus, they're pretty subtle and won't ruin your flooring.

4. Convert to a Stationary Chair/Non Rolling Office Chair
Let's say if your office chair has wheels or casters, another good way to prevent it from rolling around is to remove them. Most chairs come with casters that can be easily taken out. Once the casters are removed, your chair will be much more stationary.

To remove the casters, flip your chair upside down. There will likely be a small cap on each caster that needs to be removed before you can take the caster out. Once the caps are off, you should be able to pull the casters out of the chair. Then clean your chair thoroughly before putting the casters back in or simply leaving them out altogether. Alternatively, you could consider purchasing a new chair with fixed legs or a pedestal base instead of office rolling chairs. This will eliminate the issue entirely.
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5. Use Foam Below the Rolling Office Chair
Another perfect way to prevent your chair from rolling is to place a block of foam in the center of the chair. This can help make the rolling office desk chair more stable, but be careful not to use a foam block that is too thick, or it may not help at all. Any type of foam can work, so feel free to experiment with different options to see what works best for you.

6. Find a Strap to Lock Your Chair
One effective solution for preventing your office chair from rolling is using a chair strap. Simply loop the strap around the chair's base and attach it to a sturdy object in your office, such as a desk or cabinet. This simple yet effective hack will keep your chair securely in place, allowing you to focus on your work without any distractions. Give it a try and see the difference it makes!

7. Time to Get Another Office Rolling Chair
If you've tried everything above-mentioned and your office chair is still rolling, it may be time for a change and invest in a new one. While this can be a significant expense, it can be worth it if you're fed up with your chair moving around. Now look for a office roller chair with a good reputation for staying in place, and enjoy a more comfortable workspace. Stop fighting with your chair and start focusing on your work.
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Final Thoughts:
Hopefully, this article has helped you prevent your office chair from sliding! We know that the excessive movement of the office chair can be a real headache and cause a lot of frustration. At the moment, you have come up with some good solutions to this problem and will be able to handle it effectively. And if you're on the hunt for trustworthy yet stable rolling office chairs that last, be sure to visit our official website to shop the latest and greatest.

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