How to Feng Shui a Home Office in Your Bedroom in 5 Steps?

How to Feng Shui a Home Office in Your Bedroom in 5 Steps?
Still yo-yoing between your home and company? Flex-working or hybrid life - some days working at home and alternating days at the office has become commonplace. Perhaps some of you have been back on the morning commute, while others are striving to get used to the hybrid mode. Yes, the truth is: more of us are working at home than ever. Suffice it to say, we need solutions for sanity badly right now. So, how to supercharge your workspace at home in the most effective way? Good Feng Shui in your home office may be the one you could go for.

What is Feng Shui?
Pronounced "fung shway", Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice dating back more than 3000 years and still practiced today with proven benefits - channeling specific energy into a physical environment. Feng Shui experts believe that everything - either people or objects, possesses a vital energy or life force, known as Qi (pronounced as "Chi"). And this determined energy is only available if there is good Qi flowing.

Feng Shui combines two words: Feng (wind) and Shui (water), the two elements that "flow". Feng Shui also encompasses five other elements that determine the flow of Qi - metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Is Feng Shui an art or a science? We'd say: "Both". The practice is all based around the idea that everything in a person's surrounding environment affects their inner life. Strategically arranging objects in space will help balance all these five elements, ultimately attract positive energy to boost health, happiness and success.
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Discover 5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Home Office in Bedroom:
When working at home, productivity is the key. Is a Bedroom with a Desk Bad Feng Shui? To be honest, a bedroom isn't the ideal space to spend your 9am to 5pm hours, but sometimes you have no choice, you may be sharing a room with others, or you don't own an independent home office due to the limited space in your house. This way, you'll need these five hacks to Feng Shui your home office in bedroom for highly productive workdays, potential career opportunities, a successful career and a happier, more balanced work life.

Step 1: Separate Your Bed from Office
To improve the flow of Qi energy in your workspace, here's where to begin: keep your office separate. Working from your bed? The worst idea ever! Stop it! This will obviously blur the lines between your sleep and work life, causing some sleeping problems and a rise in procrastination. Try to isolate your work area from the rest of the room, especially the bed by using a curtain or a room divider. Thus, you can focus on your work and also feel like you've fully left work once the workday is over. Next up, invite a desk that represents stability and support.

Step 2: Be in Power - Commanding Position of Office Desk
It's pretty simple to apply the principles of Feng Shui to optimize your office desk in bedroom: Choose the right work desk, and put it in the right position. Office desks made of wood do better than metal or glass, since wood element is preferred to nourish energy and encourage prosperity. If you want to stabilize, it's never wrong to use browns or other earth tones with some grounding vibes. And the next question is how to arrange your desk in small bedrooms correctly.

According to Feng Shui experts, the correct Feng Shui home office desk direction is the commanding position - putting you in charge of the office. Place your desk far away from the door, which is the mouth that invites direct stream of energy into the room. Also face your work desk toward the door - or at the opposite side of the door - or we'd say the kitty-corner, in case of someone who may "stab us on your back". You don't get to relax and really dig into the work when having your back to the door. The idea of having your eyes on the office's front entrance is to give you more control over your career and even life. If you're in any environment where you can't face the door directly, place a mirror on or near your office desk to fix it, so you can see whoever is coming and going immediately.

Step 3: Invest in a Lotus Office Chair with Back
When it comes to the feng shui office chair in bedroom, it's highly recommendable for you to invest in a desk chair with a solid back for more support and stability. This translates to getting more support and comfort you need to work productively in your career. You can also look into buying a Feng Shui chair with special lotus shape or design. According to the Buddhism, the lotus is a popular symbol that evokes peace, harmony, and compassion. You'll be impressive on such a serene flower floating peacefully above the waters. With a velvet lotus flower desk office chair in your room to inspire calm, peace and tranquility, you can have a more enjoyable home office to spend your 8+ hours, while zapping stress and amping up productivity for potentially breeding success, too.
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Step 4: Color Matters - Balance of Five Elements
It's no secret that one of the easiest way to introduce some Feng Shui to your home office is through color. But be mindful when incorporating colors, since different colors come with different meanings and energies for different outcomes. Read on to get tips for harmonizing colors and having a balance of all these five elements for optimal flow of Qi energy in your workspace.
  • Metal: Metal is linked to focus, organization, precision, efficiency, and sharp thinking. Objects that are gray, silver, white and - you guessed it - made of metal represent this element and help eliminate distraction. Keep at least one item made of metal on your office desk so that you can stay focused on what you should finish from start to end;
  • Wood: Wood, as you know is all about growth and flexibility. It would be a good choice if you bring in some plants or greenery. Or you can go with green, teal or blue colors to encourage some uplifting energy for your career;
  • Water: Water symbolizes flow, refreshes, calm, and ease, and is connected to wisdom, depth, inspiration and emotion. Watery colors like black, navy blue, or charcoal gray and items like a tabletop fountain or objects with wavy, curvy shapes can be helpful when you seek for more connection with others, or if you want to cultivate more knowledge and skills;
  • Fire: Lack of passion or inspiration? Need to drive up your energy? Go try colors like eye-catching red, cute pink, vibrant orange, and happiness-driving yellow to bring the strongest and most powerful fire element to your workspace, keeping you motivated and passionate during the work;
  • Earth: Earth element is said to signify calmness, strength, stability and protection. If you'd like more support in your career, evoke the energy with rock or earthy tones like brown and tan, ceramic items, pottery, or tiles work as well.
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Step 5: WFH Rituals - Clean Clutter and Write Nine Intentions
Besides the tips we've mentioned above, there are also some other details you should keep in mind to boost the best Feng Shui in your work area.
  • Keep Desk Decluttered: Although clutter isn't necessarily bad Feng Shui, but live by the rules that at least 50% of your desk should be cleared. Clear out any non-essentials at the beginning or end of your workday, so you can focus on the task at hand rather than the mess around you. Extra space available will also open the natural flow of energy.
  • Write Nine Intentions: Before you start your work, write down nine intentions to keep you reminded on what you should do today. In numerology, the number "nine" represents completion, accomplishment and attaining goals.
  • Go Green: Plants play an important part in Feng Shui of your home office in bedroom. Having some greenery on your home office desk is a no-brainer, but do you know what is the best position? The answer is the far-left corner from your desk chair, where symbolizes prosperity and abundance.
  • Pleasant Scents: Put on the finishing touch with office-apropos fragrance, use some diffusing essential oils or aromatherapy candles. Let the room smell good to dramatically lift your spirit and make you feel happier in your home office.

Final Words:
With these basic Feng Shui tips for home office, you will be able to stay productive and maintain a good mood throughout the day. However, having Good Feng Shui in your home office doesn't have to be complex. We just realize Feng Shui is not some magical formula, it's simply a way to make you feel at ease on all levels - mind, body and soul. Good Feng Shui embraces ergonomics, trust your intuition and go with the layouts, colors and designs that attract you the most and offer the utmost comfort.

And there's not just only one way to Feng Shui an office. It depends on who you are, and what you wanna achieve and what you prefer, etc. Try it out today to see whether it could bring you some surprise. And if you are right in the market for Feng Shui chairs in bedroom, look no further, head over to our store online to purchase.
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