Furniture Color Trends 2023 - New Looks Hitting the Scene

furniture color trends 2023
With trends in furniture, there's no better time than now to get ahead of the curve. The furniture industry is constantly innovating and changing its design concepts, but one thing remains constant: You can't go wrong with the classics.

Gray is Going to Stay

If you're looking for a neutral color that will work in any room, gray is your best bet. It can be paired with almost any other color (black and white are the only ones that don't work well with it) and looks great on furniture of all kinds. Gray is also going to stay popular because it's such an easy color to use. For example, if you want to add some pops of color into your home, but don't want something too bold or flashy, then gray would be an ideal choice because it works well as a backdrop against brighter colors like yellow or orange without being overpowering itself.

Blue Reigns Supreme

Blue is a very popular color for furniture. It's calming, and it goes well with a lot of different tones, from cream to grey. Blue is a good choice for bedrooms because it's relaxing and helps you sleep better at night; it also makes a room seem larger than it really is. It's a great color for living rooms too, especially if you have white walls or lots of sunlight coming in through the windows—it will help balance out the brightness with some cool shades.

It works well in kitchens because it can sometimes feel like your kitchen is hot when you're cooking up something on the stovetop or baking cookies; adding blue countertops or cabinets can help balance that out by cooling down the temperature around them somewhat (this will only work if they're made out of metal). If there's not enough space around your dining table then try painting one wall blue—this will make whatever decor items are placed on top appear larger than they actually are!

Brown is Back

Brown is back and it's here to stay. Brown is a neutral color, but it can still be modern or traditional depending on the tone you choose. It's a warm color that can be paired with either cool or warm colors. It has both sophistication and earthiness, making it perfect for any home decor style. 
brown color furniture

Black Furniture Makes a Bold Statement

If you're looking to add a bit of edge and modernity to your home, black furniture is the perfect choice. Black is the new black and it has a very contemporary look that will make your room pop! Black furniture is a great way to add contrast in a room and make it appear larger. It can also be used in many different styles of home from modern homes with clean lines and minimal decor all the way through traditional homes with antiques and ornate accents. The versatility of black makes it suitable for any style or theme no matter what kind of home you live in.

Colors are Moving from Cool to Warm

  • Cool colors are blue, green and purple.
  • Warm colors are red, orange, yellow and pink.
  • On the color wheel, warm colors are next to each other on the right side of white (the opposite of black). Because they're next to each other on this side of white, they tend to be more energetic and active than cool colors. This can affect how you feel when you look at them—in particular if you're working in an office environment where your workspace is dominated by one kind of color scheme or another (for example: a lot of reds in some areas of your office might make you feel excited).

Five Main Color Trends for Furniture

There are 5 main color trends for furniture in the next three years. These are:
  • Gray, especially blue-gray or charcoal gray.
  • Brown, especially chocolate brown and walnut.
  • Blue, such as navy blue, royal blue and teal.
  • Black is a versatile color that can be used in modern or traditional settings and it's always fashionable! It also adds drama to an otherwise neutral space without being overpowering or too trendy looking when you decide to change out your decor later on down the road.
  • White is always a classic color for furniture and it's still going to be hot in the next few years. It's also easy to pair with other colors and styles, so this trend will be great for people who want to update their homes without having to worry about matching everything perfectly together.

We hope you've enjoyed reading about the upcoming color trends in furniture. Whether you're a designer or just want to know what your next purchase is going to look like, this information will help you make decisions with confidence!

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