Bar Stool Leg Tips to Keep Your Furniture from Scratches

how to prevent bar stoos legs from scratches
People have been using barstools for centuries, but did you know that the design has barely changed in all that time? I mean, sure, there was this brief period where everyone was obsessed with those super sleek and modern stools. But then everyone realized how uncomfortable they were and went back to their old favorites. The good news is that doesn't mean we're stuck with boring old designs forever: You can easily give your furniture a makeover by switching out the legs!

Get Your Guests Involved
  • Have your guests help you move the furniture when it's time to clean under it.
  • Have your guests help you move the furniture back into place after cleaning under it and vacuuming.
  • Have your guests help you move the furniture out of their way when it needs to be cleaned or dusted.
bar stool leg tips

Think Outside The Box
When you're selecting a material to use, it's important to think outside the box (and not just stick with what you know). You might want to try using wood or metal for your bar stool legs. Wood is a great option because it's inexpensive and looks really nice. Metal is also an excellent choice because it can be used in any room of your house, from the bathroom and kitchen to the dining room and living room. Concrete may sound like an unlikely material for a bar stool leg but if done correctly, it will likely please even those who don't normally enjoy concrete as a building material!

Concrete is often thought of as something that only belongs in industrial settings such as factories or construction sites, but this isn't true at all! Concrete can actually be an affordable alternative when compared with other materials like metal or stone - especially when considering how durable it is over time compared with wood which tends not to last more than ten years before needing repairs (if not sooner).

If all else fails, consider using plastic instead - especially if there are kids around who might accidentally break glassware while playing games on top of their tabletops during family gatherings such as Thanksgiving Dinner, where everyone comes together across different locations around America each year without fail every November 28th since 1621 until present day.
keep your bar stool legs from scratches
Try Liquid Protection
If you prefer a more permanent solution, consider silicone-based products. Silicone sprays are water-repellent and stain-resistant, which is useful if you have kids who like to eat on the bar stools or drink sticky cocktails that can leave rings on your furniture. If these are not a concern for you, it might be best to use a spray that is water-based instead of silicone-based.

DIY Felt Bottom
  • Find the right size, color, material and adhesive. You'll need to find a felt pad in the right size for your bar stool leg (or any furniture leg). Usually, these types of pads are sold in pairs, so you'll need to purchase two sets if you want to protect both legs on your furniture piece. You can usually find them at your local hardware store or online — just look for "felt pads" or "cushioning feet" and see what comes up!
  • Use the right tools to install the felt pad onto your furniture piece. As with any DIY project, it's important to have all the necessary tools on hand before you begin installing anything so that everything goes smoothly once you start working on it!
  • Install in small sections at a time until done covering all exposed areas of wood underneath your legs/feet area(s) of said item(s). Once again though: I would recommend starting small so that if something goes wrong there isn't too much work involved (and definitely don't tear down an entire wall just because one nail didn't go through properly...that happened once too!).

Bar Stool Leg Tips to Keep Your Furniture from Scratches
  • Get guests involved. If you have a small party and don't have enough bar stools, ask your guests to share. This is especially amenable if you're in a group setting - and also makes it easier for them to find their way home later.
  • Go vintage. Bar stools look better when they're used as intended: sitting down on them with a drink in hand!
  • Think outside the box (literally). If you want some hip seating at your next party but don't have room for additional furniture, consider adding something unexpected like an easy-to-move sofa bed or futon into the mix, so that guests can easily adjust what they need based on how many people are there that evening (just make sure they know not to use these items as regular seating).
  • Try liquid protection first before buying new bar stool legs altogether - it might be all you need! A quick coat of varnish before painting or stain will help prevent scratches from occurring further down through layers of paint even after repeated use over several years' worth of parties;
  • Likewise for other protective coatings, such as shellac applied as well as clear coats which last longer than traditional waxes/polishes once applied but still provide similar protection under normal conditions where moisture isn't present during installation periods. Since water tends not cause damage unless perspiration occurs over long periods, where moisture builds up inside each leg causing rusting, because there aren't any ways out except through cracks along edges which would require disassembly prior applying any sort application process. So wait until after party ends then go ahead apply immediately afterward, because this way prevents any messiness happening during install process itself instead only.

We hope that these tips will help you keep your furniture safe from scratches and impress your guests. If you have any other great ideas that we didn't mention, please share them with us!

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