Are Coffee Tables Necessary? Are They Out of Style Now?

the history of coffee table
Coffee tables gained in popularity in the early twentieth century, and has become a commonplace part in modern living area nowadays. Did you ever wonder why it's named that way? Does your living room really need a coffee table? Are coffee tables still in style recently? Before purchasing a classic coffee table to freshen up your living room, you may need this blog as a simple guide to help you know more about six FAQs about coffee tables.

  • Did I need a coffee table, are coffee tables still in style?
  • History of coffee tables: why is it called a coffee table?
  • How to decorate a rectangle/square wooden coffee table?
  • What color coffee table goes with a gray couch?
  • How to clean wooden coffee tables?
  • Who sells the best coffee tables for sale?

Are Coffee Tables Necessary? Are They Out of Style Now?
Coffee tables are so essential in the living room - we can make a quick conclusion with so much confidence that you'll need one. Come on, try to imagine this: without it, you'd be left lacking a spot to rest even a simple mug, when you're going to curl up with your fave reads. Without a coffee table, where would we put our aesthetic-appealing vases of bouquets, a plate of cookies, beverages of choice, books and coffee table anthologies? A coffee table is a must-have for sure, if you're someone who cares about interior details and wanna create a space all your own with personal touches.

Why Is It Called a Coffee Table?
So why the coffee table gets this name? Why it's not called a tea table, magazine table or any others? To understand what makes a coffee table "coffee table", you must peer into the past. Now let's delve into the design history with us!

Evolution of the Coffee Table: A History of Beverages
The story was after the British East India Company struck a deal with Canton's tea merchants by the early 1700s, and from then on, as tea went cheaper and cheaper, "tea table" started to showcase in the stay-at-home women's dos. However, tea passed out of favor and coffee took its place in the 19th century. And coffee companies at that time were exhorting employers to invite their workers to take a "coffee" break for better efficiency and relationship. Thus, coffee was preferred over tea, and the original "tea table" was then changed to a "coffee table".
wood rectangular coffee table
What Sets Apart a Coffee Table from a Tea Table
Although it's difficult to determine the exact date when the furniture makers gave the coffee its own table, the design of initial coffee tables derived from the tea table and has seen a massive evolution in appearance, especially the height - 18 to 19 inches from the floor and less than the 27 inches of a tea table. It wasn't until 1920, that the president of the Imperial Furniture Company, one J. Stuart Foote, claimed to have invented such a low rectangular table by cutting down the legs of a table and finding it ideal for being a perfect match in front of a settee and setting down your hot beverage between sips.

How to Decorate a Rectangle or Square Wooden Coffee Table?
Today, coffee tables or sometimes called cocktail tables are still a multifunctional centerpiece that deserves a spot to help rest your coffee cup. Yet, their design, size and functionality have changed vastly. When it comes to picking a suitable modern coffee table, it's easy to default to a rectangle or square one. So how to style a rectangular/square coffee table in your living room? Or how to decorate large wooden coffee table for the upcoming holidays like Christmas? Read on and learn more to give your living room a fresh face.

No matter the size of your living room, consider diving a large rectangular or square coffee table into several - usually three or four equal sections, keeping your coffee table balanced. And make some seasonal swap-outs, or add holiday-themed decors to make a dramatic statement. Ohhh, also don't forget your fresh flowers and lush greenery! They'll be sure to adore your living room for instant style. You could stack some favorite reads and call it a day, or have your family or friends gathered for a memorable moment. An artful of flowers, books, trays and a large collection of small knick-knacks for such a stunning tablescape will make the coffee table a place where your style come to life.

What Color Coffee Table Goes with a Gray Couch/Sofa?
Gray is a soft, neutral, and steady shade that instantly brings a hint of grace to your living room, thus it's so common to see living rooms with gray couch or sofas. If gray is also your thing or you already had one gray sofa, think about what are the best colors to pair with this classic neutral. No worries! Picking the perfect coffee table in a proper color is never a difficult task.

It's safe to say that most wood furniture will be the best match, either it's in white, beige, black, sepia, or wood tones. Modern wooden coffee tables will definitely balance your gray sofa out without breaking the whole harmony in your home. Or go with the classic combos: black and gray, or white and gray. Black with gray is such a no-brainer color combination, cause black gives an enigmatic yet dramatic look; while white makes for a clean fresh, airy vibe to brighten up your living room area.
wood slat coffee table
How to Clean a Wooden Coffee Table?
While wooden coffee tables have exploded in popularity, keep in mind that do clean the wood tables without ruining them. Furniture preservation becomes a cinch after you read those easy-to-follow tricks: firstly, you need no potent chemicals. Try mixing a weak solution of one bowl of warm water and a bit of mild dish soap (or one cup of vinegar). Dip a soft cloth in the solution, wet it, wring it out and wipe your wooden coffee table down. Clean the tricky areas carefully, especially the edges. And remember use a damp cloth, rather than a wet one. You don't want a saturated wooden table, right?

Who Sells the Best Coffee Tables for Sale?
Hope this blog post helps you get fresh ideas you can use when you're right in the market for the best coffee tables for sale. So where to buy the posh Scandinavian wood coffee tables as shown above? Make a click, make a difference. A gorgeous living room with your personal twist awaits.

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