8 Tips for Purchasing a Bar Stool Set

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If you've got a kitchen on the smaller side, it can feel like there's not enough room for all of the appliances and furniture. One way to make the most of your space is with bar stools: they're perfect for extra seating around a table or island, which means more places for everyone to enjoy their favorite foods. But with so many different options out there, how do you know where to start? We're here to help! Here are eight tips we recommend you keep in mind as you shop around for new stools that will become an integral part of your household:

Measure Your Table Height and Get Right-Sized Stools

If you're a tall person, it's likely that you'll want to choose bar stools with backs that are higher than those without backs. If this is the case, measure the height of your table so that you can purchase stools that are tall enough for comfort but not too high as to make them difficult to sit on. If there are children in the home who may be using these stools as well (and if they have short legs), make sure their feet will reach comfortably when seated on them without having their toes touch the floor or having them slide off. It's also important not only how tall but also how wide each stool should be - this will help ensure there aren't any uncomfortable collisions between one person's knees while another person uses his or her own space around him/herself!

Get the Right Number of Bar Stools

When purchasing a bar stool set, one of the most important things to consider is how many seats you need. If you're looking for a set that fits into a small space, go with two or three stools. If you have more room and want to be able to seat more people at once, go with four or five seats instead. You can always add additional chairs if needed later; however, it's much harder (and more expensive) to take away seats from an existing set than it is to buy too many in the first place!

A great way to think about this decision is by considering your household size: do all of your family members eat dinner together? Do they like having their own space while eating? How often do guests visit? Will they be coming over often enough so that we'd need additional seating options? All these questions should factor into deciding how many bar stools are right for us - and then we can start thinking about style preferences as well!

Choose Bar Stools that Match the Existing Style of Your Kitchen

  • Match the seat height to your table height. If you have a high-top bar stool, you may want to purchase one that matches your table height. This will help create an accent piece in the kitchen and make it feel more complete.
  • Match the style of your bar stools to the existing style of your kitchen. The same goes for matching up with what's already there - you don't want something too matchy-matchy! But if an area is lacking color or vibrancy, maybe adding some pops of color will help bring it all together (or even just add some balance).
  • Match color schemes between bar stools and countertops/walls/etc., especially when they're near each other so there's less visual clutter on display at once; this way things don't clash as much visually than if everything were all around us at once (and we didn't notice until later on down memory lane).
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Comfort is King When It Comes to Choosing a Bar Stool

When shopping for bar stools, comfort is king. You want to make sure that your new set is comfortable and will support your body throughout the day. The seat and back should be wide enough to support you, as well as the height of the bar stool being appropriate for your height (so no one has to lean forward). Additionally, if you're planning on using these stools regularly - or even occasionally - it's important that they are easy to adjust so they can grow with their users over time.

Don't Forget to Consider the Footrest

When you're shopping for bar stools, don't forget to consider the footrest. Footrests can be made of wood, metal or plastic and are usually adjustable. Some have removable pads for easy cleaning. The height of your bar stool set should match the height of your table, so when seated on a stool you feel comfortable reaching over its top edge without having to lean forward uncomfortably far in order to do so.

Backless or Back?

Backless bar stools are more versatile and portable than their back counterparts. If you like to move around the kitchen, or if you have a large family that likes to gather around the table at mealtime, a backless bar stool will be easier for everyone to use. Backless stools can also be used in more rooms than stools with backrests, such as behind couches or next to beds. They're ideal for those who have limited storage space (or just don't want any furniture taking up too much room).
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Add a Touch of Drama with a Swivel Stool

When you're looking to add some drama to your kitchen, the swivel bar stool is a great choice. This type of stool can be used for both counter and bar height tables and it's a good choice for those who like to move around while they cook. The swivel feature makes this style of stool perfect for busy people who are always on the go, but still want their home décor style to reflect their personality.

Consider Durability When Buying a Set of Bar Stools

When purchasing a set of bar stools, durability is one of the most important considerations. Bar stools should be made from quality materials that are easy to clean and can withstand heavy use in high-traffic areas.

Bar stool seats should also have non-slip surfaces so that customers feel comfortable sitting on them for long periods of time. It's also important that your bar stools are sturdy enough not only to support heavy weights but also any accidental spills that may occur while customers are eating or drinking at the bar countertop space.

Purchasing a Quality Bar Stool Set Can Transform Your Kitchen into a More Functional Space

Bar stools add a touch of style and color to your kitchen, as well as provide additional seating at the table. They can also be used as a breakfast bar, extra seating while cooking or cleaning up and much more! Bar stools are easy to clean which makes them even more appealing when compared to traditional chairs or benches that require constant dusting due to their material composition.

When you're ready to buy a bar stool set, it's important to consider all of these factors. You want your kitchen to be functional and comfortable, so don't rush into buying any old set of stools just because they look nice. Take some time thinking about what kind of style fits best with your existing décor before making a purchase decision!

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