11 Tips for Buying a Wood Coffee Table

how to pick the right wooden coffee tables
Wood is a beautiful material for a coffee table. It can be stained, varnished, and painted with ease, and it's more durable than glass or metal. However, there are some things you should know before buying one so that your investment lasts as long as possible. We've put together this guide to help you find the best wood coffee table for your space and budget.

What's the Difference between Natural and Stain?
When it comes to your wood coffee table, there are two main options: natural or stain. Natural wood is untreated and can sometimes come in many different colors, depending on the species of tree from which it was cut. The color of your piece may vary from what you expect, but that's part of the charm! If you want something more predictable and consistent in appearance, then a stained table is probably better for you.

Stain looks like paint but is actually a colored coating applied to wood using heat or chemicals (or both). It protects the surface from scratches and spills, and helps keep the piece looking new for longer than untreated wood would last without regular maintenance. Staining is also an affordable option if you're not looking to spend much money on your new coffee table—but keep in mind that stains tend to fade over time compared with untreated pieces that fade less quickly due to exposure through sunlight or other environmental factors such as heat/humidity changes throughout seasons; so whether your piece will end up looking good long term depends on how well it's cared for when purchased and maintained afterwards!

Does a Wood Coffee Table Need to Match the Sofa?
Matching a wood coffee table to a sofa is not essential, but if you want to achieve the best results it's better to choose one that matches the room, rather than your sofa. If you're going for this approach, then a neutral color would be best as it will go with most sofas. For example:
  • Grey walls and blue-black curtains
  • A dark brown leather sofa with white upholstery

Should a Wood Coffee Table Be Higher or Lower than the Sofa?
If you're new to the world of wood coffee tables, it can be confusing about how high or low a wood coffee table should be relative to your sofa. We're going to help you out by explaining some key rules for making sure that your new table fits in perfectly with the rest of your living room.

First, let's talk about what not to do: Don't choose a height that's higher than the seat of your sofa. A good rule of thumb is that if there are people sitting on the couch, their legs should touch the floor comfortably. Your wood coffee table should also not extend beyond any armrests or other furniture pieces in order to ensure plenty of legroom for everyone involved.

Now, here are some general guidelines we recommend following when determining where exactly on this spectrum between "too tall" and "too short" (and thus falling into one extreme or another) lies: If possible, we suggest keeping your wood coffee table at least 16 inches higher than whatever surface sits beneath it—sofa included! This will make sure nobody has their legs dangling awkwardly off its edge while still providing enough height for extra storage underneath if needed (for example: magazines).
wood rectangular coffee table
How Should I Store My Wood Coffee Table in the Off-Season?
In the winter, it's important to take care of your wood coffee table. If you live in an area where humidity levels are high, dryness is key: you want to make sure that the moisture content in your table remains stable throughout the season. This can help prevent warping and cracking.

Keep an eye out for signs of water damage on your table—like stains and mold—and clean them up right away so they don't get worse. A protective cover is also a good idea if you plan on storing your table during this time period (though if there's no other place for it in your home, consider just leaving it out).

If possible, try not to store items like books or magazines directly on top of the surface; instead, keep them off-center so they won't put too much pressure on one part of the baseboard at all times. You should also keep in mind that different woods may require different storage methods: mahogany tends not only be less tolerant than teak or cedar when exposed too long at high temperatures, but also more prone than either other two species mentioned above due to its low density rate - which makes it easy for insects like termites eat away at their insides over time.

How Can I Make My Wood Coffee Table Last Longer?
As much as you love your wood table, it's not indestructible. To keep it looking its best, here are some tips for taking care of it:
  • Don't put hot things on top of it—coffee cups, bowls of soup, pizza boxes. The heat that these items give off can damage the finish and warp the wood.
  • Don't leave drinks sitting on top of it for too long—especially alcoholic drinks like beer or wine (or even soda). They can stain the surface over time and make rings in your table that won't come out easily without professional help.
  • Don't let pets sit on top of or scratch at your furniture—they may scratch through protective finishes and cause irreversible damage to surfaces underneath! If you want to give them a place to rest their paws, when they're feeling tired after a walk around the block with you on a Sunday afternoon (or any other day), try getting them their own pet bed instead, so they don't get into trouble!
  • Avoid putting food directly onto any kind of wooden surface like this one if possible - because oils from foods tend not only stain, but also eat away at whatever type material has been used inside, which could lead up costing more money down line for repairs later.

Can I Use Furniture Polish on It?
A good rule of thumb is to avoid using furniture polish on any type of wood. While it can be tempting to give your coffee table (or other wooden piece) a quick buff, this will do more harm than good.

Furniture polish can leave a sticky residue that will attract dust and dirt, which can lead to unsightly buildup. The same goes for oils from your hands and fingertips—they'll leave stains in the wood that make cleanup difficult.

Instead of tackling the job with a store-bought cleaner, try wiping down your coffee table with a damp cloth instead!
scandinavian wood coffee table
Can Kids Play on the Coffee Table Safely?
If you have small children, safety is a primary consideration. Wood coffee tables are sturdy and durable, but they can be easily scratched and damaged by heat, moisture, and sunlight. Children are likely to be attracted to the smooth texture of the wood and may want to explore it with their hands or feet. For this reason, it's important that your table has rounded edges so that there's no risk of injury when they come into contact with any sharp corners or edges while playing.

If you have concerns about safety regarding your wood coffee table—or if you're just looking for something more eye-catching—we recommend choosing another material for your next purchase!

Do I Need to Worry about Termites If I Have One in My House?
While wood tables aren't made of toxic material, they can still attract termites in some areas. The best way to find out if your neighborhood has a problem with these little pests is to ask your local authorities. If you do discover that termites are a problem in your area, don't worry! There are steps you can take to ensure that your wood coffee table doesn't become infested.

First, check the underside of the wood for telltale signs of damage caused by subterranean insects like carpenter ants and termites. You'll notice small circular holes bored into the surface of the tabletop or legs; this is an indication that there may be an infestation present within your home.

Best Time to Buy a Wooden Coffee Table on Sale?
In the winter, you'll pay more for the wood because it's expensive to keep things warm indoors. Conversely, in the summer, you can save money because it's cheaper to cool down your house and keep things cool in general.

Buying a Wooden Coffee Table Can Be Tricky
There are many factors to consider when buying a coffee table, especially if you want one that will last. Here are 11 tips for buying the perfect piece of furniture for your home:
  • Choose the right size. A common mistake is to buy a coffee table that's too big and can't be pushed up against the wall when not in use. You may also want to consider purchasing an additional shelf or tray to keep things off of your floor and tables clear!
  • Choose the right style. There are many styles out there today: rustic, modern, Victorian chic, etc., but look at what's available before making any purchases so you don't end up with something you won't like later on down the road (and this goes double if they're expensive). Also keep in mind that different woods come with different finishes - so make sure it'll fit into its surroundings before making any decisions!

DUHOME Wood Coffee Tables for Sale
DUHOME is a furniture brand that offers a wide range of products, including wooden tables, accent chairs, bar stools and more. If you're looking for the best coffee table to match your home decor or choose one that displays a unique style statement for your space, then DUHOME wood coffee tables are sure to catch your eye. With a modern chic look being popular amongst homeowners today, these pieces provide an instant classic feel without breaking the bank.

Besides affordable prices, there are many reasons why choosing from our selection of DUHOME wood coffee tables makes sense:
  • They come in different finishes and sizes, so everyone can find something that works perfectly within their own personal spaces!
  • The pieces are made from rubber wood and have an easy to care for finish that will make them last for years.

Enjoying a cup of coffee is a great way to relax at the end of a stressful day. However, you can only do this if your coffee table is sturdy and well built. If it doesn't meet these criteria, then your table could easily break or collapse when you place heavy items on top of it. In order to avoid this situation from happening again in the future, follow those tips above-mentioned to help you find the best wood coffee table for your home!

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